CRiticality | Price Versus​ Brand Value

When I was on a walk into uni I had an idea to do with packaging and how we as consumers in the supermarket have our favourite brands but in actual fact, the product inside these brands are practically the same as the cheaper products are available. Sometimes they’re literally the same but it’s the brand that adds to the price and not the actual product inside. This to me is the criteria point that needed to be made,  that it should be the quality of the product that determines the price not the brand necessarily. This is not an issue that is just tied to her Food & Drink that it covers things from retail to the supermarkets and the drinks and food.

An alternative idea that I had is that supermarkets are like posh landfill sites that if you removed the content from the packaging you then basically have landfill site. This is to be critical of the packaging that we use and how it can be used excessively that ultimately we are creating a world that comes with litter and food waste. Very recently we have heard about plastic in our oceans and how the art that has been produced to show what is happening to our oceans. IT comes down to how we package food and if we need to use as much as we do and how we dispose of it after in a successful way or not. Not sure where I would be able to take this idea but it would potentially move forward it would have to do with creating work that shows a world surround with litter and not being able to simple task due to the issues that it can course.


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