Criticality | Chosen Idea, Branding versus Price

After a tutorial talking about my alternative ideas that were still to do with packaging but either the amount we use or how we use it. I decided to focus my attention on how brands effect price and that product that is being sold is almost secondary. How I would show this message would the challenge being able to create work that would conflict with the world of branding and what brands aim to do. The wording would be important to make it clear that these products are the same and only packaging defines how much extra money you spend on the product. That people become comfortable with a product due to there personal experience with it rather than what it actually is. 

After this discussion took a walk through Tesco’s and looking at the products that were on offer. Two products stood out to me more than others and these were chocolate chip cookies and baked beans. On the shelf, you had a display of different brands that were near enough the same product but under a different label.  The only way that would find out how similar or different these products was to buy them to look at what they contain. It did this with beans and cookies because how complicated are baked beans and I’ve personally tasted some cookies and have struggled to tell the difference myself. 

I took some photos of these products in the supermarket and also in the studio so I could maybe photoshop or show that these products are the same but so different at the same time. Also, I didn’t know how I would make the packaging for cookies but soup can would be slightly easier as it seemed that it was just a rap the went around the can. I was keeping my options open when thinking about how i was going to present this work in the end, ether photoshop and print it out or actually make the packaging for baked beans.  Below are links that I used to create a backbone of information that I could use.

Consumer culture 

I remember in my second year we had someone come in a talk to use about branding and that she knew first had the manufacturers can use the same product but package them differently. That sent the same biscuits to Marks and  Spencers as well as other smaller brands that charge almost half the price for the same thing.

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