Dissertation Progress

As I had a year out I didn’t seem to have the need to do a lot of writing apart from emailing various people so coming back something like this has been a struggle to get my head around and back into the flow of doing this work.

The way I went about getting myself stuck into my research was to come back to uni early before the term started to go to the library to collect information about my subject. My subject is how do sports brands create desire in the consumer. How i collected that information was to look into branding and find information linking to my subject.

Before the term started when I was having my year industry when I had the day off I made time to arrange to meet my tutor in university to go through my question and knuckle down the questions that I wanted to look at. The together we narrowed down questions to help me moved forward so that I had an angle to research.

These questions that I asked myself gave me an angle to start my research. As follows these are the sort of question and ideas that I started to work with.  What a brand is and what does it actually do? Why are sports branded at all? Also examining the past and the people that started wearing sports clothing and how it progressed to being also about fashion. The idea behind desire and how that can affect the consumer’s choice.

To help me with my research I contacted the academic librarian to guide me in the right direction so that I could navigate the databases available to the university and access a wider range of sources. For my subjects that I would be researching, knowing where to look for images relating to marketing and advertising in sports was a huge help moving forward. I learnt where to found images to analyse so that I could make it easier to get my point across. Having an idea where to find these images has made me more relaxed about moving forward with my dissertation.

Another action I was able to put in place so that I could have support academically was contacting student services to get study skills session. This would help my academic understanding and they will help me and give me advise on how to approach my writing style.

What I found when trying to originally use the research that I had collected over summer was that I didn’t really have a plan where I wanted this research to go. It was still too broad and not aiming at anything imparticular. How I went about solving this problem was being able to create a plan, and from that plan, I had chapters to work with. This platform to know exactly the points I wanted to make and where they were going to go. I could start creating questions to answer within these chapters to help me start writing. My chapter consisted of 3 section, these sections have become my chapters. In these chapters.

My first chapter would outline the different subjects that would be spoken about regarding how sports brands create the desire in the consumer. Looking into marketing & advertising, branding, and desire. How these all link in with my question and what they are.  When I started working on these sections I keep asking myself the same questions and these questions are… What is marketing? How is it desirable? how does it link in with branding and sport? This consistent question I mind would keep me from going away from my question. Now I knew my section was able to focus my efforts collecting more research. Using coloured paper for different themes to split my research into sections.  When Researching around these themes I would write the quote on the correct coloured paper relating to the theme. Working on this chapter was very steady but I had made progress, as every night I did a little

The second chapter,  I aimed around 2500 words but now I’ve cut it down to 2000 to give me more room for chapter three. I wanted to reflect on how sport has become commercialised and how branding in sport had become a huge part of our culture and the way people dress. I did something similar for this chapter by creating questions for me to answer. For some reason, i did struggle to get into this as I seem to find it hard to collect research. Referencing has always been something that has stalled my progress and as its part of the academic writing process that, I have not used for a while. I have felt that being overly conscious about my referencing has made this chapter appear more confusing than it needs to be.

For my chapter 3 I had chosen three sports brands that are well established, these are Umbro, Nike and Under Armour.  I wanted talk about how they had become the desirable brands that we know of.  In this day and age, you come across these powerful, well-known brand and see them everywhere, why? A brand that is popular must have something interesting about them that helps them connect to the person buying it in the first place.  Branding connecting with sport and sports brands don’t exclusively associate with the sport they seem to appeal to the fashion world also. This is an area that this chapter will focus on looking into what makes these brands desirable and unique. With this chapter intended to use a lot of images but ended up using a couple youtube clips. These advertisement campaigns were taken from there youtube channel as this platform would be interesting how they connect with the future generation. It almost acts as an archive as you can look back at previous campaigns that these brands have worked on.

After I managed to get the bulk of my work done I need to start reading over my work and start refining what I had written. What I realised is that I really underestimated t the time it takes to refine the work that I had already done.  When reading through my work I came across points that hadn’t back up.With the refining, it was the time that it takes that really shook me. The way I went about trying to do my best to improve what I had written was writing myself a note in brackets. In these brackets that I highlighted in a colour so that when I finished making these notes to myself I could work back and make sure that I had backed up what I was trying to say.  With the refining, it was the time that it takes that really shook me.


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