FMP | Preparing Exhibition Space 


Creating an environment that would suit my topic to do with people perception of technology. Having focused my attention on digital technology and how we tend to create opinions on how it benefits or creates isolation from what is around us. 

Having space the reflects the draw to technology as the only visual element in the space. Also, reflecting isolation by creating a clinical and very plane environment that surrounds the touchpad. This ultimately would create space where you can focus your attention towards the technology. To add to the idea of isolation and connected towards a digital technology by using the space to it optimum potentially, by incorporating and question at each end of my animation I will be placing a bold shape and letter reflecting the two words. This added addition is to make the person who is interacting animation aware on and off the screen. 

Testing the size of these shapes in the area to make sure they could be seen and visually look how I want them to look. 

Click link to open test print  –> circles & letter ‘i’ colour test


Orange Circle PRINT


Letter 'i' Print.jpg

Buying the correct trackpad form Amazon. For my exhibition space, I need a trackpad that will wirelessly connect and use touch. This element is crucial due to the fact that we use touch our phones to communicate to get in touch with people next to us or the other side of the world.  There is a physical element that I need to incorporate into my project as we use touch to connect with people different these days than we sued too. Well, I bout the wrong size touchpad and had to slash the cash and grab myself a pricer but more appropriate trackpad, suitable for my area. Luckily, I have sorted this minor issue out and my new purchase has been tested and works absolutely fabulously.


This is my space taking shape after i found the correct material fro the floor and roof. 🙂


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