Dissertation Editorial Design

I initially wanted to create different editorials for all my chapters so that my work was more interesting to go through as a piece of writing. As I’m, not a fan a lot of text on a page I like to make it into small bite size chunks to help the viewer digest all the content. I wanted it to be like opening a new pair of shoes and how we as consumers don’t generally buy ports wear for its use but more for fashion purposes. as my dissertation was about how sports brands create a desire in the consumer?

I wanted to be able to use an actual shoe box where the dissertation would be split up into a different section and you would be able to follow it book by book. The size I was working on was A4 at the time but I had to change the layout due to a conversation with the printers about printing on tissue paper and what else was available that would give me a similar effect. We looked at the translucent paper that would give s similar effect to tissue paper. Translucent would be sturdier and less likely to rip but still enable me to show what I was trying to show for my concept.

The way I went about planning my editorial was to make a mock-up with paper just to see how it would all fit together. Each chapter I wanted to split up with translucent paper so that as you work your way through the dissertation that it is revealed like opening a new box of trainers and are confronted with the tissue paper keeping your new trainers safe.


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