FMP | Reflection​

I think this project has gone really well apart from the technical problems that have occurred. Playing around with animation is really fun but when things go slightly wrong, they go wrong.  Learning new skills that I have will help to open up new windows of opportunity.

Researching into technology and how it has impacted our lives has been a real eye-opener about how we use technology in our day to day lives and if we take it for granted what it is capable of. Creating an interactive piece of work really get me motivated and I find a very fulfilling when you make things work and see other people enjoying what you have created.  

Preparing the exhibition space has been stressful as I have spent so much time and effort trying to find right materials for the job. I am happy with space as it acts it reflects my topic matter. 

I have found it hard to keep onto of the work as I moved at such a fast pace trying to reflect on all these things I’ve done is nearly impossible as I find writing hard as it takes me so long.

It’s annoying that it doesn’t work the way I wanted it to but the main thing is that I tried my bets and I can’t ask any more of myself. I’ve printed on vinyl which I have never done before. Created a brill space that just needs tidying up. I feel like I’ve been chasing this project ever since my dissertation hand in though which set me back so fair, Overall though a fun project that I think I’ve pushed myself.


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