FMP | Reflection​

I think this project has gone really well apart from the technical problems that have occurred. Playing around with animation is really fun but when things go slightly wrong, they go wrong.  Learning new skills that I have will help to open up new windows of opportunity.

Researching into technology and how it has impacted our lives has been a real eye-opener about how we use technology in our day to day lives and if we take it for granted what it is capable of. Creating an interactive piece of work really get me motivated and I find a very fulfilling when you make things work and see other people enjoying what you have created.  

Preparing the exhibition space has been stressful as I have spent so much time and effort trying to find right materials for the job. I am happy with space as it acts it reflects my topic matter. 

I have found it hard to keep onto of the work as I moved at such a fast pace trying to reflect on all these things I’ve done is nearly impossible as I find writing hard as it takes me so long.

It’s annoying that it doesn’t work the way I wanted it to but the main thing is that I tried my bets and I can’t ask any more of myself. I’ve printed on vinyl which I have never done before. Created a brill space that just needs tidying up. I feel like I’ve been chasing this project ever since my dissertation hand in though which set me back so fair, Overall though a fun project that I think I’ve pushed myself.


FMP | Final Design Changes

For my final design, I have changed the typefaces, this is because the previous ones that I had don’t really work as good as I want them to work. I have used 3 typefaces in and they are Archer Bold that I have used for Connected. This is a serif font that still has character even though it’s not what it as looking for before.  I don’t think I need a type that is actually connected as the word illustrates that in its own way. I have chosen it in bold as I believe it resembles bulk and togetherness, being connected makes you bigger and able to grow. For Isolated I have chosen Akkurat light as it is a serif font and very slender resembling the opposites feel than an archer, but they work well together as a collective. The other type I have used is Adelle sans, this for anything else or than the words. Here are some frames of my animation in a slideshow below.

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We did have some technical problems as they processing program did into like the size of my file so did cut a few images that’s what might make a little bit jerky but overall its look nice in the environment. I will have to leave it for now but for the exhibition, I will have to find a way to make it run smooth. So all these little problems take so much time to resolve that you sometimes can’t fully achieve what you want but you to learn to just say … its as good as it can be at this moment in time.

My final exhibition space is all about making feel isolated away from everything else, making you concentrate on the things around you. It is not about answering a question just making you work things out yourself, give you control to explore and make your own choice. Do you connect or isolate yourself?

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This project I have designed an interactive animation that focuses on how connected or isolated we are as people. Concentrating my attention on digital technology and giving you the opportunity to control and reflect on your own opinions regarding this issue. 

Does digital technology make you more isolated or connected?  We use touch massively in the way we communicate, mostly using our phones. Incorporating this interaction into my project was key to transferring the familiar use of touch into a different situation. 

I am not saying digital technology isolates or creates connections. It has been designed that each person will interactive differently, therefore it is up to the individual to make there mind up and question their beliefs.  My exhibition space has been designed to isolate you away from the surrounding area to help you focus on the screen and to challenge your senses. Its all about you reacting in a connective way or isolated way towards the experience.

The circles are a mockup of the Vynl that will be up for the show. I did place them in a way that you can see something from all angles of the room that might make you intrigued by the experience.

Once i have the the proper vynial up i will take a video to place on my webiste to shwo evryone how it works.


Criticality | Reflection

This was one of my favourite projects. I seem got just threw myself into it and get stuck in. I did spend a lot of time doing my critical design creating a few attempts to get a design that I was happy with. I also enjoyed working with Theo and looking at design in a different way. For me, this type of design was more interesting than others. I feel like when I can create a design that asked a question rather than answers and that brings to attention to others about a subject that is straight in front of us but we are blind to see what is really going on as we have become a custom to seeing things very narrow. Opening another door for people to walk through an explore and see things differently is something that I enjoy.  

When I reflect on all the other project this has to be up there as one that i feel i have enjoyed and therefore really got involved with. This enabled me to create packaging and eat a lot of beans which I am very sick of now. Moving forward it will part of the design that I would like to continue in the future as I believe I’m stronger in this area than others. 

Dissertation Editorial Design

I initially wanted to create different editorials for all my chapters so that my work was more interesting to go through as a piece of writing. As I’m, not a fan a lot of text on a page I like to make it into small bite size chunks to help the viewer digest all the content. I wanted it to be like opening a new pair of shoes and how we as consumers don’t generally buy ports wear for its use but more for fashion purposes. as my dissertation was about how sports brands create a desire in the consumer?

I wanted to be able to use an actual shoe box where the dissertation would be split up into a different section and you would be able to follow it book by book. The size I was working on was A4 at the time but I had to change the layout due to a conversation with the printers about printing on tissue paper and what else was available that would give me a similar effect. We looked at the translucent paper that would give s similar effect to tissue paper. Translucent would be sturdier and less likely to rip but still enable me to show what I was trying to show for my concept.

The way I went about planning my editorial was to make a mock-up with paper just to see how it would all fit together. Each chapter I wanted to split up with translucent paper so that as you work your way through the dissertation that it is revealed like opening a new box of trainers and are confronted with the tissue paper keeping your new trainers safe.

FMP | Preparing Exhibition Space 


Creating an environment that would suit my topic to do with people perception of technology. Having focused my attention on digital technology and how we tend to create opinions on how it benefits or creates isolation from what is around us. 

Having space the reflects the draw to technology as the only visual element in the space. Also, reflecting isolation by creating a clinical and very plane environment that surrounds the touchpad. This ultimately would create space where you can focus your attention towards the technology. To add to the idea of isolation and connected towards a digital technology by using the space to it optimum potentially, by incorporating and question at each end of my animation I will be placing a bold shape and letter reflecting the two words. This added addition is to make the person who is interacting animation aware on and off the screen. 

Testing the size of these shapes in the area to make sure they could be seen and visually look how I want them to look. 

Click link to open test print  –> circles & letter ‘i’ colour test


Orange Circle PRINT


Letter 'i' Print.jpg

Buying the correct trackpad form Amazon. For my exhibition space, I need a trackpad that will wirelessly connect and use touch. This element is crucial due to the fact that we use touch our phones to communicate to get in touch with people next to us or the other side of the world.  There is a physical element that I need to incorporate into my project as we use touch to connect with people different these days than we sued too. Well, I bout the wrong size touchpad and had to slash the cash and grab myself a pricer but more appropriate trackpad, suitable for my area. Luckily, I have sorted this minor issue out and my new purchase has been tested and works absolutely fabulously.


This is my space taking shape after i found the correct material fro the floor and roof. 🙂

FMP | Test.Reflect.Improve


left and right-handed how people interact with the trackpad. Explain my reasoning for connected left and isolated right. (tinder) 

To gain a better understanding about how people are going to read my exhibition piece on peoples perception of technology aiming at digital technology specifically, I asked one my tutors that specialises in visual communication in an interactive way to take a look.

What we did was walk through the process how people would know what to do and how to interact with the touchpad and know what to do. My animation involves using your finger to swipe left for play around with isolation or right to play with connected, other printed element that the viewer would need to pay attention to. One thing that cropped up was the pace of the animation, and how long do I actually need it as I just need to grasp the attention of my audience long enough so they don’t lose interest. 

Secondly, due to me being right handed my first initial reaction is to swipe right! What would be the reaction for some that are left handed to do automatically? This is something that I need to test out just too see how they react to the touchpad.  However, I have adopted swipe right for connected for a reason, and this reason from my previous research into online dating and how some platforms use swiping right if they want to match and connect with people and left if they want to dismiss them, therefore they isolate themselves from that person. 

Be playful with the words but also express them through experience as well as visuals.  We talked about how I could use the word isolated by creating the person interacting with the experience to be frustrated and isolated away from the smooth experience they  have while playing with the world connected. To do this I would have to have to have moments in the isolated section where they would lose control of the animation where they did not have the power of what was going on. This interaction would hopefully create a isolated experiencer as well applying it the visual language of the word. 

Criticality | Final Design

This design compared to the other previous design is that i think it illustrates what I am trying to get across about branding. Using collage to connect the brands and the product so that i can be critical and interesting subtle way. 

My critical design is aimed at branded food packing. How price can be effected by the brand. The brand can take away the fact that the contents identical to or the as cheaper products of the same type.

Can Packaging v3 PRINT

My design uses the packaging of a baked bean brands to create a collage where I have explained and been critical about my topic. Visually adds texture to the packaging but also your are able to recognise the brands at question. Enjoy!

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