Exit Strategery​ 

For my exit strategy, I have applied for the Santander Internship with Ace, feet in motion. The reason behind this choice is that I know their current designer as I have kept in contact with him since he graduated two years ago. Why this job has appealed to me is due to keeping in contacted with Andrew the designer and he has said positive things about his time with this company that involves a wide range of jobs, from web, print and also a bit of photography. I also took a year out from my studies To have a paid internship with the Welsh Rugby Union to give myself a years experience in the industry. The positives of this opportunity are that I have come across this company while working for the Welsh Rugby Union and many others in the process.  The aim of the years experiences that I have already had and the popularity of organisation that I have worked would ultimately give me a nice platform to push on towards finding employment.

If I don’t manage to get a job after I graduate in Cardiff with feet in motion or others agencies, I will have to go back to Shrewsbury due to financial reasons. However, there are opportunities around this area for placements at agencies. One company called Source Design provide services for packaging, brand identity, print web and other media. This would be a different angle compared to what I have experienced so far. Alternatively, there is a design agency called Clear Design that is a full-service digital agency. The work alongside developers, marketing team, under the watchful eye of an ultra-efficient account manager. 

Where Shrewsbury has based it is a 45-minute train journey to Birmingham and an hour and a half to both Manchester and Liverpool. I have recently seen a job for a designer at Everton football club which runs live till the 18th of May. Considering my experience with working with a high profile sports brands in the world, it would seem an approachable opportunity. 


Afterlife | Whiteskycreative

Listening to white creative and hearing how a previous student has been able to set up his own business that is has become more successful as time goes by. What I  took from this afterlife talk is that he appears confident in his ability, enabling him to express this confidence in his work.

What he did mention is that he could’ve done more in university as he seems to leave everything to the last minute. He focused on his freelance over his university work that can have his ups and downs. When he graduated he did know what was going to happen! All he knew was he wanted to stay in Cardiff to find a job where there was more opportunity using the part-time job to pay rent an bills.

He started to do a lot more freelance after meeting people while doing other jobs. From that connection that he managed to find, instead of working any hours he wanted his home, he was able to find structure in his working life. Giving himself structure was key to be able to settle and work well and be happy with what he was doing. This is very relatable, as uni for me is very strange compared to the working world people. Routine is key to create a healthy, successful working environment to

Keep designing for the fun of it. If you want to try designing something (clothing brand) just do it.

Neil | Professional Practice​

3 Professional Practice 

 Yo-yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble 

What I got from today’s professional practice lecture.Was to have an insight into the careers we choose to take.  Taking the skills we learn at university’s and putting in to practice into the workplace. The ways that this can happen is through internships to gain expensive. However, they can lead to exploitation of your skills. 

* From university to work. Internship, alternative, exploitation. 

Being able to create to your heart’s content by getting involved in the professional industry. Internships can lead to jobs but can also lead to not getting a job and but being trapped in a cycle of internships.  

Ultimately creating this connection with the creative industry is a factor in helping you make the next step to help become involved in the industry. Being able to relate to people on a professional level but also personally.  Be able to express who we are as designers through our work. This would enable us to see what we are as creatives enabling us to define our personal style. 

Being creative a designing for a purpose. Using the skills we have gathered over the course at university to see design differently and how it is possible to see a change in the purpose of design. Looking at the way we say things and the choice of words we use as well as what we say can impact, connect and define the purpose of what you are trying to design and how it is received. 

  • Having a wider connection 
  • Create to you heart’s content 
  • ‘Industry’ or ‘profession’? 
  • Internships can lead to job but the also can lead not getting a job but being in a cycle of internships. 
  • Connection are key as getting jobs. Relating to people professionally as well as personally. 
  • Being able to express who you are through your work. 
  • Graphic design for a purpose.how do we change the purpose of design. 
  • Playing with the wording to create an impact and connect and create purpose. 
  • Practical guidance – have wider network not just in the creative industry but else where as well. 
  • Practical guidance 

Practical guidance 03

Where your focus and the way of seeing things. Can design for Symptoms (industrial one) or other etc. Do you have the appetite to see things differently? 

Practical guidance 04

Get a life – become ‘aware’. Discover, experience, engage…‘designing with a purpose’ thinking beyond! We live in a world where thing set up the way there are.

AfterLife | Arobase Creative

Geographical unconventional business.

Find your role in the company. Homing in with new skills that could be used in the digital age is key. These might include web and the program used is Web flow, the software to create web adds and improve web design skills to you is key in this digital age. 

Toms Role: 

A lot of admin for the company and the face of the agency meeting new clients and building  Relationships with clients. Enjoys the branding side of things and creating Vector based illustration, Photography. He also has been in involved in directing some of the photoshoots with clients.Â

Toms story into the creative industry. Creative visuals for an agency. Ring naive when building a relationship with an agency. Be confident. You don’t really know unless you ask!

Andrews story:

Teaching yourself new skills so that you appeal to others. Review and refine. Help get a first design job. Bring something different to the industry.

Free advise 

Try before you buy.Try the agency life before you go freelance. Eat sleep design repeat. Freelance you have to involve yourself in all areas of the businesses. Inan  Agency you more likely going to design all the time. A different way to see other a practices within the creative industry and others business. How you set up your file structure is ket to making life easier for yourself and others. Being able to print check and manage large print runs ensureing the print turns out the correct colours. How to work collaboratively. You manage your own expectations and from that have real work expectation. Be a sponge in the creative industry. How the designers present there work and inform you a working method to improve the way you work.  

Working process. Research ideas, experiment, design, develop…

Freelancing can be lonely.

Getting into the industry is about being proactive. Do a lot of research into our employees that you going for an interview with so that you are able to connect with them and look interested.

What do agencies look for:


Make sure it’s typographical correct. Problem-solving. Don’t need to see final but see the other stuff that goes on behind the scenes about your thought process.

Work ethic. 

  • Keep your friends close and keep your friends that are good designers closer. 
  • Be honest with each other and say the work is terrible if it is so they are able to improve That shit! GettingHonestly e.
  • You do not need to do everything. Know each other well and what your good at. Home in on the things that are good at.
  • Having the network of creative be people is key. Collaboration is key.
  • New clients. New work! Work hard and be nice to people. One client can turn into more clients.
  • Former employers keep close. Do more. 
  • Be more than a designer. 
  • Met walking- networking event. Get together with people is a great way to build a relationship.
  • A personal relationship is deemed them to be most important thing ever when working far apart.
  • Geographical unconventional business.
  • Valuation for jobs – the agency would charge 80 pounds an hour

Afterlife | Tutors


It’s nice to see where the tutors have come from and the work they have done to get to where they are now teaching a subject that they are passionate about.


Ian has been involved in Print, Interactive media and narrative. I knew Ian had been involved in print but I the work he was about to show was new to my understanding of what he has been part of.  I don’t think the time I have spent at uni had prepared me for what was about to happen. 

He had creative and interactive media and narrative design that involved Interactive media and narrative. It played on African American oral literature,  a study on Call and response. When I was thinking about my design for my fmp something like this cold play a role in the way that I want to use technology to create an interactive style design. Interactive media I think what Ian has used could play a part in my fmp. 


I have spoken to Wendy before and have to see some of her work when I did persuasion, However, the stuff i have not seen is the stuff she designed for Film and animation at places like  Blue peter. A lot of here work involved experimentation and here most recent work is about magic. Creating accuracy and more enjoyment through play. For this type of design is what i really enjoy as it is interactively interesting and it involves play to improve peoples lives. There is nothing better than creating a design for function rather than to look pretty. If you can do both them brill! The work also involves HTML, learning code creating these The interaction that is actually written in code designing through play! To do with interaction and can be what you want it to be. Also involved in creating an app, Reactickles Magic – that involves a play on an iPads. Using  Projection to create shapes that change with the movement of the body. Using the interactive body shapes as the outlines reflect that we just see the shell off of each and don’t interact and lose touch of who each other actually are behind … the phone. 



Obviously, this one was going to have a typographic element involved. This Guy just loves his type! He studied in Limerick and for his FMP he focused on responsibility, what is the responsibility of the graphic designer and how Sustainability works within graphic design. 

After his Uni days, he worked at a Branding agency that involved Designers ink rebrand,  Munster rugby branding agency and brand a rugby stadium,  Print editorial and a range of branding projects. A lost of agency based work and from that got opportunities to do other freelance jobs. As a rugby fan and working for WRU last year and overseeing the Newport dragons rebrand I understand how much work must have gone into Munster rugby clib



Afterlife | John & Jane

We had a visit from, Sarah Burley and Gareth Strange. It was born out of frustration, most of the best things are. We want to do good work, simple as that. You can have the best idea or product in the world but if your brand doesn’t represent you in an authentic and captivating way then your business may never meet its full potential. That’s where we come in. “ taken from there website that sums up what how they started and why they created this agency in the first place.

This afterlife we looked at the newly formed agency john and jane. What I really enjoyed about this afterlife was seeing a former student that I started my university journey with. As I had a work placement I differed my year so I didn’t really see the last year of university life with the same academic year. What was really good to see is what he had done to get a job out of university and what he has been up to since. 

The style that John and Jayne use very nice due to the handcrafted and art style. It’s enjoyable to look at but also expresses the values of there client. Also hearing where they get their inspiration from in the first place and how they have been able to start up this agency that seems to be thriving. I guess when retracting on my work I feel that I have lost the edge that they have got with there work by using the computer as a tool and being expressive in other ways. 

Hearing the stories of all the team and where they have come from a different creative background that compliments each other so that they work well as a team. Listening to Gareth and how he had spent time in agency work to gain an understanding of what that world instead of jumping straight into creating his own agency.  The diversity in creativity and style with all members of the agency is key to offering a wide range of opportunities to clients so that they have a wide verity of skills on the table. Including Sarah that is involved in the academic as writing is her thing. Having these skills at your dismissal is key to be able to engage client from all over. 

One of the key message was that i got form this talk was having side project so show you passion outside of university so that when apply for jobs … you’ll be able show what else you get up. As a recall that Gareth suggested having lists of jobs that you want to do that are personal projects and when you have time to do them. Since this talk i have had ally around and started creating my work for the six nations that are on my Instagram.  

Ian | Professional Practice​

reflecting on my time at Cardiff met and what Learning Outcomes we have identified in the module descriptor where we need to demonstrate a clear understanding of where our practice sits within a professional context and how professional level opportunities can be accessed. I took this open myself to learn about the how our practice sits within a professional context by taking a year out in the industry. So have given myself a platform where i have already been able to demonstrate an ability to anticipate and accommodate change and work within the contexts of ambiguity, uncertainty and unfamiliarity. My placement was new in many ways as the WRU who I worked for hadn’t had an in-house design team before, so the two designers that I joined where almost in the same situation as us that we didn’t know what to expect. They had over ten years each in the design industry in different ways. Being able to hear both sides of the story during my placement gave me an insight into what they had been through and what to expect. The only way to test yourself is almost to jump into the deep end and when this opportunity was there, i decided to take it. Lucky i got it and by doing this i have been able to design work that is high profile in a sense that i designed for a national rugby team that is watched on tv. Learnt how to work not just with designers but many different areas within a company. 

Also within an opportunity like that, you come across different opportunities. The design company that had done a bit of work for the WRU before was UPRISE and I’ve been able to make a connection and know other agencies faces. The only regret is that I wish I kept in contact with them over this period. 

As i had been working and new i would be working there for a year. I haven’t revised my Digital and PDF portfolio for a while. Lucky, the lecture today we got shown some previous students portfolios and CV’s. Before I left for my placement I had a bechance, as i used that in my interview for the WRU but not a proper website. However, I have started to work out how to wix website builder. What I have found out though is that i can’t us the font that i won’t unless I pay £200 for the type for the web.

We also talked about the Digital presentation that we need to think about what we will do after University. A couple of pages from portfolio and website. CV redeveloping Needs to be thoughtfully designed. Should have a visual language that is consistent. Colours structure and layout that all relate. PDF portfolio needs to show all our work that we have done this year including a link to our website.  Portfolio website needs to express the work that we have done similarly to the PDF Portfolio. Identify professional opportunities. State where you aim to be to be. 

What I have been able to do is keep in contact with my placement year and also keep in contact with previous students that have lefts and got jobs in the industry. Applying this to my Profesional practice presentation will be key to acknowledging  what I have done at uni by taking a year out to boost my chances of employment when I leave