ISTD | Refelction

Designing my editorial for competitions was stressful at the time but very rewarding when you get back from print. I did have a few mishaps and didn’t get awarded an ISTD but I did learn to get in contact with a printer or two and follow up the process that is needed in the world of design.

I have improved my editorial skills and I’m still giving it my best shot. What I can take form this experience is that I need to just trust the process and keep going. I needed to me experimental earlier on which would have given myself more time to make things correct and improve the typographic elements.

My concept was sound for my brief, food for thought just didn’t hit the mark with my deisgn. What I have got out of this project is that I am capable just need to go for it at the beginning rather than near the end. I started to slow and that was what let me know.




DFR | Instruction leaflet​

To help with the app and connect it with a community centre I have designed a leaflet that can take the form a centre where it breaks down what the app is about and how to download it for people, not tech savvy. Bellow is my final design where I have used elements of my brands and stuck with the orange that has a connection with Newport community but also a neutral and warm colour. I have designed this app not just for Newport but aimed at the older community as a whole. I do think it enables them to connect as the activities can be done with other as much as by themselves. It has been designed so that they will be able to download the app and start to do activities to stimulate the mind instead of relying on the physical state that is unable to do the things that they want The aim is to just to stay positive and have a good state of mind where they focus on what they can do, not what they cant. App Guide Leaflet V1App Guide Leaflet V1 2

Bellow are some mockup of what it would look like printed:

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ISTD | Final Design

My final design consists of the typefaces Mr Eaves and Baskerville as they give me a wide range of weights to choose from. This enables me to be experimental depending on what I’m trying to say within my publication and how I wanted to be seen by others regarding the hierarchy. Some things are clear in one weight than they are in others so it’s just finding that medium and balance so that they compliment each other.

Page numbers I’ve used a circle next them to resemble a pie shape but also a football. I want to be able to have that theme of this circular object for something like this to run throughout. Also in my final design, I have used running heads this is due to the nature of my publication of the food and not necessarily my opinion,  even though sometimes it Involves my reflection.

Reflecting back my research and drawing even more layouts to help progress towards  my final design so that I can really get the most out of the concept. The aim for this publication is to enlighten the viewer that even something as original as a pie can have different stories that it can be associated with.  I started off with the football and gender and slowly progressed into being focused on masculinity within our society in regards to food.

DFR | Final App Design

For my second and final app design, I have used colour to separate and act as a simple navigation so that the section is separated and easy to follow. This makes it easier for the residents and users to navigate the app. 

My app has 4 section instead of having loads of alternative things, I’ve tried to keep it simple but effective. I have a reminder, mindless, memory and profile section. The remainder is where they can set an alarm to remind them to take part in a memory or mindfulness activity during the day if they forget. The mindfulness section has a few activities that allow them to use there senses to connect and keep focused and positive. The memory games are there to help with improving or maintaining memory to keep a healthy state of mind. The profile allows you to type a name in which you ould be greeted by when you log in. The profile also monitors how much time you have spent on the app.

Below you have the loading pages where you have positive messages and other comments about the topic. Also, have the loading screen and the first page once you download it for the first time to write your name.

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Here are the home screen and the function that the app provided. You have an example of what the section do and what they look like. Each section is colour coded. You have an example of a memory game and a mindfulness activity and how they would look like. Also showing you how it visually looks and that is clean and clear. Nothing too crazy as I wanted to create something easy to read and sue so that people with vision issues would be able to navigate and use with ease.

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FMP | App Development

For my app, I drew out some templates about what I wanted to put where so that I would have a better idea understanding of placement before I jumped onto InDesign. I was designing for an iphone 6 but I’m sure it would look fine on other touch phones.


The first draft I have used a green as I was trying to connect nature to my design. The way that mindfulness lets you relax and brings peace you and make you less stressed. I was trying to make it as clear as possible so that it is easy to read. However, the more I looked at it, it was so horrible. The colour did not work together and it wasn’t what I wanted really. In this draft version, I have got five section, and these are meditated, reminder, profile, other and search. But before you get to these sections I have involved a login section. I’m not to keen on this as it just creates a hassle for the residents to log in and out all the time and creating another thing to sign up for. Before you get to the login section I have got some pages that say a few comments to keep your positive, they need a bit of work but they are getting there. I have sued orange to try and link them with the colours of Newport football and rugby team. I’ve applied my logo design to navigation buttons so that it appears brand. I rather like these little touches and it works nicely.

The section for meditation would involve different activities relating to the topic. My other section jumps to other things that you can look at like memory games and connect your favourite app like BBC sport… ect! I wanted to keep it as clean as possible so that the residents would be able to follow with ease and read it clearly keeping the colours fairly plain.




DFR | App & Memory Research

I have done a bit of research into mindfulness apps that are headspace and calm and have looked what they involve and do. What I have seen is that they give the capability to talk through the sessions which would make it easy for residents of an elderly community to follow.

These apps use are used on phones so that you can set alarms and help make time to clear and relax your mind. Mae thinks in a positive way that will improve how you feel about yourself and others around you. It is a way to just let your emotions flow and feel more connected. 

When I was using this app I did find that if I wanted to know about this app I would have to search on the app store to actually find them. If you’re not technically aware, how will you know about these apps that can help and be able to use them? When I have designed my app I would create something that would be able to follow so that they could actually connect with technology and this mindfulness app to benefit them.

After another bit of research and doing dyslexia test that has involved games. I needed to add something else to this app that mind creates another appealing factor and that is using memory games to stimulate the brain. As you get older your memory starts to deteriorate and you forget things. What I wanted to do was exercise these muscles so that you can keep your state of mind and memory for as long as you can. These brain exercises would keep you entertained as well as connected with technology. You would be able to talk to other about the scores you get on the games and watch your health to see if you notice any dramatic changes in the way your memory that could lead to other memory-related illness. 

DFR | Logo Design

  • logo design 

What I was trying o achieve with the logo design is create something that is simple that can be applied to the overall branding. I called it SOM it is short for the state of mind, but also when you say it ‘sommmmm’ it sounds like the sound that can be applied to meditation. mindfulness logo design

The reason I have done the triangle that has curved ages as it points in different direction in soft and not so sharp way. It also is meant to represent a heart on its side. I didn’t want it to be an obvious heart as this is directed at men but is open to everyone. Want to make something that was not conventional that had multiple meaning when you play around with it. It also helps you navigation buttons that show direction and this app is about helping your state of mind and pushing you in the right direction to better yourself. I was running out of time soi had a name and thoughts behind why I think it worked and had to just run with it as time was not on my side.

mindfulness logo design v2